The Hunger Games ألعاب الجوع

Title: The Hunger Games.

Author: Suzanne Collins.

Pages: 374

Genre: Adult Fiction/Sci-fi/adventure.

Plot: In the city of Panem, in the coal-rich District 12 in particular, lives Katniss Everdeen, the girl from the wild. After her father’s death, she becomes the main supporter of her mother and younger sister bringing food and trading for animals. Her life changes when she volunteers instead of her sister Primrose to go into the dark roads of The Hunger Games. What are the horrors that lie ahead of her?  & Will she succeed?

The moment I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop. It gives so much of details that are so engaging for the imagination. Starting from the city of Panem, who their tyrant Capitol members would rather keep their people in the deep state of poverty and fear to lay their leverage, to the actual games and how horribly intense they can get. Suzanne Collins managed to pull it off so easily that I’m still in awe after two weeks passed since I finished it.

What’s interesting is that the only question I kept asking myself throughout the time I was reading it was: How did she came up with the idea? being a reality TV fan myself, I figured ‘coz they’re the way TV runs nowadays. The thing I was fascinated about was the ‘type’ of tv The Hunger Games were really about, Killing? Now I just read that she had the idea while channel-surfing and found a reality show and a program about Iraq War. Fascinating isn’t it? well, the woman choose right.

The Hunger Games is a Trilogy, means a 3 books novel. The second one, which i can’t wait to start reading, is titled ‘Catching Fire’ and the last is ‘Mockingjay’.


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