Review: Something Blue

Something Blue (Darcy & Rachel, #2)Something Blue by Emily Giffin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With the least of expectations comes the surprises.

Reading Griffin’s Something Borrowed, told from Rachel’s POV, I decided that I wanna know how Rachel’s life was going through this second book told from Darcy’s POV. The Last thing I imagined was to fall in love with the character of Darcy.

Like most of you, my first impressions of Darcy wasn’t that great. She is a girl who lives on attention. whether it’s because of her social skills, glamorous job or being a “boys magnet”. But through Something Blue, Darcy goes through another “betrayals” which leads to her leaving New York to London to start her new life. Over there, we witness the first tiny glimpses of her change. From that moment I knew there’s a very good story coming.

I find this book more engaging than Something Borrowed, mainly, because I think the character development is more intense in this one, which is why I loved it. I felt emotionally involved with it than I remember with the first book. What’s fascinating about a character going through some change is that it makes you feel closer to them and feel their pain. And in this case, Darcy is not different. One thing I left wanting was more interactions with her and Rachel for the sake of their old friendship and love for each other.

If this story tells me anything, it is how easy we can change our the negative things about ourself if only we’re willing to. This book was an absolute surprise (how much did you read me writing this xD) but it was and I’m greatly happy that I read it. It also deserves a re-read.

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