Review: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes PerfectPractice Makes Perfect by Julie James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers, both work in the same company for eight years, and who developed deep feelings for each other quite early. However, their feelings are soon masked with hate and animosity. And to make it worse, they’re both candidates for making partner in their law firm. They were forced to deal with those feelings when they’re assigned to work together to get another client and from there, it all begins.

considering that I have finished reading <a href="">Just the Sexist Man Alive</a> at the same time I started this one, I must say that I find both so similar in terms of both plot and character development. This didn’t really make me happy because I was looking for a new type of characters. However, I admired the story itself. It doesn’t dive into cliches that frequently and it surely is a good one on its own. It’s funny when needs to be, and serious when needs to be and other is just the right mix of both. Julie James did left me hanging at some details but she also trusted me with other aspects of the characters they themselves didn’t get to share.

This book is not less funny or romantic than its precedent. And I am already addicted to Julie James’s book. She writes with such way that always amazes me. Also, She manages to bring more to the lawyers and to Romance and Women Fiction.

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