Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons WhyThirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Imagine one day you heard that you’re one of the reasons a person close to you decided to end their own life. soul-shattering right? And it’s worse when you don’t do anything at all.

That’s what happened to Clay Jensen, a high school student, when he got a package of audiotapes containing the very last words of Hanna Baker, his friend and the girl he’d grown to love. That package is send by an order of a list of other students who contributed to Hanna’s decision to end her life. We come to know that these people, either they did or didn’t do anything, were part of the problem. Thus, for Hanna, these tapes were her last attempt to take her revenge for taking away her home, privacy, thoughts and even the right to love and be loved. And on a personal note, I’ve always thought that ridicule to be the humanity’s biggest fault.

Suicide is a very sensitive issue to address publicly and literally and even when I know where I stand with this issue. And knowing the theme for this story to be this heavy, I prepared myself for tons of dramatic situations but what I found was something else. Instead of having the story told from the victim’s POV, we got to see from those around as well, which makes the story much more intense. It also shows how immense is the effect people have on each other’s lives, either by being active or passive, which I think should be the reason to control ourselves more and speak to make others happy.

I salute the author for writing such an intense book and addressing an issue worth to be addressed. I really hope this book changes other people’s lives like it did mine. And remember no matter how small the deed, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE.

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