Review: Hard Landing

Hard Landing (Dan Shepherd, #1)Hard Landing by Stephen Leather
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading Soft Target and loving the action pace of the book, I decided to give this series a go. And here, after finishing the first book I found that it’s no different.

This first book of the Dan Shepherd series lay the grounds for his character. He’s a SAS trooper who moved to undercover job to satisfy his wife. And because he’s an "adrenaline junkie" he can’t refuse any assignment even when it comes to his family. He is assigned to work undercover as "Bob Macdonald" in a Cat A prison, where the hardest of criminals rule everything on the inside. That means, he has to be in character 24/7 so any slip would mean his life.

I can’t find fault with Stephen Leather’s style of writing. He makes writing a thriller like watching an action movie if not better. That combined with his vivid description of the situations so brilliantly that it makes it so effortless.

Although I still prefer Soft Target because was a little bit more complex and fast-paced but I overlooked this book because it was like an introduction of Shepherd’s life. However, I know this series is getting better.

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