Review: Already Dead

Already Dead
Already Dead by Charlie Huston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Strange, that’s the word I’ll use for this book. It’s a really strange book. With its strange concept and story I found myself wanting to know more and read it even if I didn’t understand much.

This month I’ve read more Vampire stories and they all fall under the same typical story lines that made me wish for a different vampire story that will change my mind before I loathe this genre forever. And as if my wish was answered, I got to read this book. It’s completely different than what I read even with these emotional situations. Joe Pitt, the hero of this novel and the vampire in question, behaves like a normal guy. Spends his days in his room but comes out only in the night. He’s not that dramatic even with his love life, which as much as it didn’t affect the story, but it showed a more human side of him. I also loved reading this book with the first-person, it made me feel connected with all that’s happening.

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