Review: Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss
Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m completely in love with this series. It’s the third book in a row I read and I never wanted this joy to end. After the thrilling ending of Frostbite, we’re in for another bone-chilling ride.

The first thought that came to my mind before I started reading this book was “how good it’d be to know more about Rose’s mom?” and very happy we’ve gotten that in this book. She is exactly what you think Rose’s mom to be; tough, strict and one who sticks with rules. Their relationship appeared shaky at first but we later get to see them getting along but still not in an all-forgiven kind. Adrian, another character I loved, helped by becoming a support to both Rose’s and Lissa’s characters. For Lissa, he brought her back her magic in a way that no one could with a sense of control over it. And for Rose, he’s like another best/boyfriend the way Mason was.

Coming to the Romance between Dimitri and Rose, which finally gave their lovers their hearts desire. And it’s only convenient for the story to undo that later by taking the ugliest turn we’ve all came to fear for our dear Guardians. And that made for the awesomest ending of all three books.

It’s a very engaging book packed with so many emotional levels either for the lead characters or the others. It’s a story that established well-enough its own world and rules. And now I’m moving to book 4.

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