Review: To Have and to Hold

To Have and to Hold
To Have and to Hold by Jane Green
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

What would be the purpose of your life if you just kept behaving as you should be? what role would anyone, for that matter, have if they just remained passive? even when it comes to their own life.

No better than the story of Alice’s marriage to get inspiration from. Alice gives up 30 years of her life being the (trophy) wife of Joe Chambers, who is very successful and wealthy yet with a problem, he can’t keep control of his pants. While he plays the controlling husband by telling his wife what to wear, what color she should dye her hair, how to smile and talk to other ‘important’ people and all sorts of stuff so that she doesn’t embarrass him, and all the while he is not thinking twice about jumping in bed with anything with a skirt.

There’s more to the story than my very tiny summary but this part is what pisses me off mostly. I mean I get that Alice was afraid of being on her own that she ignores ‘every’ sign and reasonable explanations of Joe’s weird behavior. It was understandable at first but then I wanted to smack her on the head to make see. Fortunately, she gained control over her life again and that what inspired me and I think what will inspire others.

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