Review: Then Came You

Then Came You
Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Who would’ve thought that a baby can bring four troubled women together? and that same baby be the reason for so much struggle and revelations? if you didn’t, then come read this..

Having a baby must come natural for most women. However, our own ‘unique’ women did have their baby in the most unusual way. Jules, Anne, Bettina and India are ordinary women who have their own dreams and sorrows like all women do. Jules, donated her egg, Anne became the surrogate, India is the intended mother and Bettina ends up being the babysitter. I know, how many women (let alone mothers) be involved in a baby’s life? But Jennifer Weiner made it work. Each of them is forced to step up from her past and face her present with Rory’s, the new born, arrival.

As I started this book, I doubted my taste for these kind of womens’ fiction, ‘coz of the age difference, and I was so close to giving up on it. Only now I’m grateful I didn’t. The writing managed to get better through the second part. I was emotionally connected to those women and what they’re going through. And the ending was also very sweet.

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