Review: Undone

Undone by Karin Slaughter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For me, there’s no better way to spend time than reading a very good crime novel. Especially when it’s packed with all the interesting stuff, like character background, character development, chemistry and of course a little love (even the twisted kind).

Undone is the first book is Georgia Series, follows the story of two GBI agents, Faith Mitchell and Will Trent and the hunt for a serial killer. This serial killer not only kills woman, but he even rapes them, cuts their bodies, starves them, stuffs them with trash bags and torture them before he kills them. Now, it’s both Agents job to find that killer and manage to keep their own lives steady.

Faith Mitchell is a single mom who, after she falls down without reason, receives the news that she also pregnant and diabetic. The father of her baby is someone who “needs a mom” as Mitchell puts it. As for Will Trent, he is dyslexic, which is a learning disability in which the person can’t read or recognize directions properly. There’s also Sara Linton who used to be a coroner but left that after her husband was killed on duty. Sara then became a pediatrician, and there she meets both GBI agents.

I am really liking those crime mysteries Karin Slaughter writes. She has a really strange, yet addictive, way of telling stories. Her characters did seem a bit rigid, yet they have this good vibe from them. They are the strangest fictional people I’ve come across. I’m dying to see this turned into a TV series. It’d definitely beat so many current shows. Their case is a really nasty one. To my delight, I figured out who the killer was since the first time that person was introduced in the book. I was happy my guess proved to be right.

Final Verdict: It’s predictable, but the good kind. I’ll definitely keep reading her other series.

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