Review: My Name is Memory

My Name Is MemoryMy Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished “Significance”, which is about two teenagers who are betrothed or in plain English, are made for each other. Coincidence enough, I read the same concept but this time it’s reincarnation. I am thankful now that I’m a fan of Drop Dead Diva otherwise, I wouldn’t know what that means.

The summary is a very “eye-roll”-worthy kinda summary (I know, I did that) but the moment I finished the first two chapters, my gut told me it’s gonna be a good one. The beginning drew me with this “mystery” of who’s this guy? as if I was looking through Lucy’s eyes. Then later when (view spoiler)[he tells her than he knew her centuries before (hide spoiler)]. That was it for me, I wanted to know more like I needed air. I love books that start like that.

I’m gonna rave now about the writing, which is gonna be H.U.G.E. It was mesmerizing, flow-y and just brilliant. I know it gets too descriptive and a bit repetitive but it’s not so much that will spoil the story. I didn’t yet read a book written with such a style so I was really amazed. It reminded me of some Fanfic authors I used to read for. This style absorbs me entirely into the book’s world and draws me every time I opened it.

Now, Let’s talk about the two, Lucy and Daniel. I think they totally deserve the Epic Love title, don’t you? From the minute they meet, you’d really wanna see them interacting more. Even through all the times and places they find each other at, they still belonged together. I loved that.

This book is amazing, very well structured (especially with time periods), and intriguing. It also sets some plots real real nice. It did get a bit slow toward the middle but that’s mainly due to my impatience to get the two together. It picks up really good toward the end, you would never want it to end. Now I can’t wait to learn more about the second book in this series.

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