Review: You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

You Don't Have to Say You Love MeYou Don’t Have to Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every person in love is desperately waiting for the 3-letter-word to say or to be said. Now how about a couple that aren’t looking for love?

Neve works in a archive library (or something). She’s the exact definition of naive. She’s also a book geek and a used-to-be overweight. She’s has a crush of a co-worker, William, that she hopes won’t be a “crush” anymore but the real thing. BUT she’s got no relationship basics so she persuades Max, “the man-slut”, to just pretend they’re dating in order to improve her “social skills”. But where will that lead? Will the fake continue be fake? and how do you know what’s the real thing?

Honestly, the reason I postponed the review for this one is because I wanted to give my full opinion about this. Mostly, I just forget important things when I review instantly. First, I wanna talk about the plot. Finding the right guy while waiting for the wrong one it’s a cliche no arguments there. However, it’s given a realness to it. It’s one of the love stories that I think would happen to any girl. It’s definitely unique, sweet and so touching at some points.

As much as I’ve seen this kind of romance, or some version of this, on tv or movies but what works for this book is how the characters are written. They both broken by something that connects them. As much as I’m not impressed with Neve constantly whining about her weight (I wanna pull my hair out tbh) but I enjoyed the book too much to care now. Sarra Manning did super great on the character development. As stated in many reviews before me, the progression of this fake relationship is astonishingly real. It takes its time and you feel no hesitation or repetitions. Their relationship started to look beautiful and sweet and they don’t have to say the 3-letter-word. For that only, I’d give 3 stars of my rating.

I might not have liked Neve, but certainly the story is more than any chick-lit fan expects. And for my first try with a Sarra Manning, I’m completely satisfied. Will sure to check all some of her books asap.

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