Review: Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

  Storm (Book #1 of Elemental Series)

by Brigid Kemmerer

Genre: YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, Supernatural

Themes: Bullying …

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

I wanna be honest here and say that this book was on my probably-not-gonna-happen shelf. But I did read it for a challenge and after I did some reading about it found that it’s actually promising, YAY!

The Story

This story of Storm is about those 4 Merrick bothers, the older Michael, Nick, Gabriel (who are twins) and the youngest Chris, who are raised by their older brother after their parents died in an accident. These guys are more than just brothers with baggage, they’re in fact more powerful. Each one of them could control an element. For Chris, who is the main character, he can control water. Storm is also about Becca Chandler who wears the “A” badge of shame in her own school, figuratively of course. That was because the rumors her popular-football-player ex-boyfriend started about her sleeping with him & his friends. Adding to being the subject in every joke in her school, Becca had to bear one even more horrible trouble after saving Chris Merrick from a fight in her school parking lot. She had to fight for her own life.

Arriving at Becca’s school is the mysterious and extremely handsome Hunter, who takes an interest in Becca and started getting closer to her. Would he be really what he looks like? and what will his arrival mean for Becca’s battle with death?

My Review

This one was told from both Chris and Becca’s POVs so it’s makes it easier to understand them both. I got a bit confused at first with the brothers & how to tell them apart, so I was a bit overwhelmed. Then I started getting into it and the story. I felt Becca was inspired by “Easy A”, which is my favorite movie, but with deep enough twist to make it closer to real than the movie. As for my opinion of her, I felt she is someone who could be more but she is holding herself back. She has to be more careful for her actions because of that incident. Apart from that, some parts of the book showed how brave and determined she is.

Chris, on the other hand, made a good impression at first but then I suddenly felt cold toward him. I think part of it was me favoring Hunter, but I guess that was Hunter was written very deeply as opposed to Chris who I only know from his POV, that he’s pinning for Becca. Then he made it worse by throwing a comment at Becca when he sees her with Hunter (which made me hate him). Anyways, I’ve gone from liking him to hating to to a bit not hating him. Yet I’m still torn about him.

Hunter is a complete opposite …..

The moment he was introduced I know he could join my Adrian-like intense crush. More than being his mysterious self, he is just soooooooo sweet and had that depth and grounded-ness to him that I like generally in any book character.

Overall, I liked how Kemmerer handled the delicate subject of bullying and rape. I felt connected to Becca’s side of the narration the most. Despite how predictable it is, the book is interesting, gripping and full of hot guys *winks*. By the end of the book, the characters are developed very nicely. I didn’t get the closure I wanted about Hunter but I’m keeping hope there will be a book about him coming up. Apart from that, I recommend this to those who love these types of supernatural/elements novels.


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