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My August Top Reads

Hi! I know, I know .. I should write more book reviews .. that’s why I have this blog.. but the thing is, I got consumed by soooooooo many amazing books this month, so I decided to just give you my top reads & recommendations and spare you all the other reviews, starting with my 5-stars reads πŸ™‚

01. Endlessly by Kiersten White

Book 3 of – Paranormalcy – Trilogy

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for this series. Even when some consider the protagonist (Evie) to be so annoying, There are other things to get lost in this book besides her. It’s packed with action and a real page-turner. Besides, Reth – the fairy – was given his share of awesomeness in this book, and that made me super happy.



02. Social Suicide by Gemma Halliday

Book 2 of – Deadly Cool – series

Every time you spend reading those heavy-mythology or paranormal books, you kinda feel like you want to read something light and funny (real funny i mean). Those, in my experience, are hard to come by. This here is one of them. Hartley is the funniest girl I’ve read so far. And it’s also a crime mystery, which makes it even better because there’s a story going on. Her best friend and her boyfriend are truly amazing characters on their own as well.

03. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass

Β Book 1 of – Throne of Glass – series

this one was on my TBR list for this month actually, but I joined a buddy read with a few friends and ended up finishing it and re-read it again the next day. It has real bad-ass female assassin, awesome girl-power and very hot guys. This book had me in a terrible book-hangover-state and it’s why I ended up not liking Defiance much (which i was really looking forward to). Here’s my detailed review on Goodreads.


04. Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle

Book 1 of – Brightest Kind of Darkness – series

This book made me fall in love with it soooooooo hard. Its premise was so intriguing, surprising and full of twists. The main characters were all great too. Ethan/Inara will break your heart and have you in tears at some parts. You should get this series ASAP.

05. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Book 1 of – Shadow and Bone – Trilogy

If you are a fan of Dystopian/Paranormal genres, then this should be on your must-read list. This is a brilliant dystopia with a strong female protagonist. Along with that, there’s a struggle to fight against evil “governor”. Shadow and Bone will take you to another place and time.


06. Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

Book 1 of – Elemental – series

This is a paranormal story with a shifting perspective, which is my favorite kind. You get the boy’s and the girl’s POVs. That certainly makes you in their heads the whole length of the story instead of one-sided narration. Especially when the couple in question are so cute for their good, that would be more interesting to read about both of them. I’m recommending this because the second book Spark was just released and would want you to catch up with this awesome series.

07. Send by Patty Blount

stand alone book

A realistic fiction about bullying and suicide. I wrote my review of it here & It’s totally worth your time. It’s not really bring-out-the-tissue kind of emotional these types of books go with but I liked it anyways. Kenneth Mele is one I couldn’t forget.

08. The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Book 1 of – blood of Eden – series

I’d be a fool to not recommend this book. Like Shadow and Bone, this is a great Dystopia/Paranormal with a great story and sooooooo many monsters roaming the Eearth. It’s a dark and intense book and that’s why I liked it along with its scary world I’d not wanna live there everrrrr x( I can’t wait to read the next book and read more about Kanin *swoon*

09. Clockwork Price by Cassandra Clare

Book 2 of – The Infernal Devices – series

Clockwork Prince is an emotional roller-coaster. It will get your blood boiling at some point then make you swoon with love the other. After this book, I totally understand the impatient wait for Clockwork Princess, that is a long wait and I am joining the waiting crowd.




That’s my Top Reads for August and I think I’ll be keeping this feature for the upcoming months. Would love to hear from you & what’s your favorite read of August was?


8 thoughts on “My August Top Reads

  1. I will also write my august top reads because I also have 5-star books without proper reviews, but I really loves them! I think three from your list are part of our buddy reads, right? Lol!

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