Review: Shadeland by D.L. Miles

Shadeland (The Ethereal Crossings, #1)Shadeland by D.L. Miles
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

actual rating: 4.5

Shadeland was the kind of YA book I was waiting for to blow me away for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time. Seriously! it was just the perfect story, with enough intrigue and mystery to keep it interesting till the last line in the book.

It’s a year after the Eidolon Revolution, where non-humans came out to announce their existence on earth. Faced by hatred, rejection and fear from humans, expect wars to be still going between the two sides. The Eidolon, true to their nature, are involved with so many killings and fights and that makes hating them even more easy. Except Liv, our MC, is living with one. Her BF Luke is an Eidolon (or an Ethereal, as they liked to be called). He knew Liv from when they were little and she knew about who he really was too. That understanding between the two grew to form a strong bond and friendship. That friendship is put to test when Luke gets arrested as a suspect in the killings of two girls. The number soon grows to even more bodies including Charlotte, Liv’s neighbor and friend. What else Liv’s got to do except take the matters in her own hands?

I know what you think? ugh! another righteous girl trying to do the right thing, how boring. I thought the same thing. Except this time, I am proven wrong. Liv is typical teenage YA book heroine the first time you meet her I give you that. But, yeah expect a lot of “buts” in this review, she proves time after time that she’s one hell of a heroine. She is driven by the force of justice and friendship, and some need for closure for something that happened in her past too. At the same time she’s got her own humor, I LOVED they way she reacted to some scenes. And since the story is told from her POV, there was some scenes when I felt I was completely in her head and I understood where she was coming from.

As for the male presence, it was dominating. With Jared, Luke and Dr. Richard (I think was his name) getting to do most of the stuff. Girls got only a few scenes, even Violet didn’t get as much as backstory as I would have liked but I’d like to know more about her (hopefully in book 2).

This book when based on fantasy and supernatural, I admire D.L. Miles for bringing in a crime mystery to the mix. So it was the way I liked it. It’s a book I’d recommend to EVERYONE. srsly guys go check it out.

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