Det. Will Trent is Coming to TV

I bring some awesome news about a book and a series I’ve cometriptychcover

It’s about Will Trent series written by the brilliant Karin Slaughter. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Slaughter’s website to check for new release in the series only to find this awesome headline.

Will Trent Television Film Deal

my reaction was

digging deeper into the news is even more of a fangirling experience..

Yellowbird will initially produce three feature films based on the book series, starting with Triptych, the first book in the Will Trent series. They will work closely with Karin, who will write the first script. Yellow Bird’s Berna Levin and Marianne Gray will produce, with Karin executive producing. Yellow Bird’s Ole Sondberg and Anni Furbye Fernandez will also executive produce.

source –

OMG! Is that real? I am sooooooo happy. Will Trent is really a commercial tv type of character. And with such heavy background, a better one at that. Even Faith Mitchel, his partner, carried her own weight and life. Specially, Karin Slaughter is the one writing her own show. What’s more to ask? ahhh .. ok! a perfect cast now LOL! anyways, I love this idea and I can’t wait for it to come out…

Karin Slaughter ……… you got my support *cheers*


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