Silent Seasons Is Back…


Hello dear readers,

Yep, that’s me .. or maybe you’ve forgotten all about this little place.. it’s alright! I did too ..

Frankly, these past 3 years have been really hectic.. here’s what happened during this long period of silence (huh xD)

– First, I got my MBA in beginning of 2014..

– Second, I started looking for a job immediately after.

– Third, I got a job working from home late 2014 .. YAY!

– Fourth, I quit my job a weeks ago .. boo! Well, it wasn’t meant to be…

During these years there was the usual soul-searching and path-finding and all that .. but all thee years had a lot to teach me and if I went back I’d never change a thing. I had made quite an amazing friends from different places and even though I wish they were living next to me so we can keep hanging out together, we still maintain contact through social media (thank God for those right?)

Fear not, I didn’t forget my passion for those precious written words. I’ve read a fair share of books during these times (it’s what kept me alive TBH xD). So, I’m so sorry for neglecting this site and not posting reviews as regular as possible. It’s going to change now 😉 and you can check out my reviews on my GR pages.

SilentSeasons will be back fully soon & I hope I get to bring something refreshing & interesting to the blog that will please all you bibliophiles out there. Also, some changes are going to happen; as I’ll be adding Arabic reviews as well as English for both Arabic and English audiences. That’s one of the changes I plan to make..

Have a wonderful day everyone & for those who read this long-ish post, you have my love xoxo


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