Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1) by Isaac Marion
My rating: 1leaf

I’m all for a zombie story (as long as it remains in fictionland of course). However, I am greatly disappointed by Warm Bodies. Frankly, I did not feel like picking it up in the first place but I just did.

Where I am in love with the premise of a how a zombie comes back to life and how I’d like to think of it as an analogy to how our lives get stuck in the “dead” zone and how we, as human, inherently want to get back to normal life. When I think about it this way I love it. But then the execustion just kills my imagination with how it’s not really about a Zombie. His thoughts were well-constructed and methodical for a guy who is brain-dead.

The idea of introducing Julie as a love-interest was a good one but I did not feel the chemistry between the two at all (maybe because one is DEAD). The only book I kept comparing this to was The Girl with All the Gifts. The later is a great way to deal with the issue of Zombies in a better and humane way in literature. Let’s call this the mainstream media version of a zombie story.

Now, the plot felt really lacking in common-sense sometimes. Like they’d be kissing in the middle of a fight scene or they’d sleep when something is about to happen. These little things really are what had me pulling my hair. Some parts were alright.

I really hoped this book would be great but sadly, if you’re like more substance in your Zombie stories then this is not where to look.


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