Review: Writing for the Internet by Craig Baehr & Robert C. Schaller Jr.

Book: Writing for the Internet: A Guide to Real Communication in Virtual Space

Authors: Craig Baehr & Robert C. Schaller Jr.

Genre: Non-Fiction

My Rating: 4leaves

Full Review:

It took me long to finish this book mainly because I wanted to really “get” the main idea and just go with it on my own pace. I’m not in any ways close to the book’s targeted audience but I do know a little about design and the psychology of how the web users interact with web pages and what aspects of this interactions that a web designer should take into account when designing web pages for different uses (News, blogs .. etc)

What I liked about this book is how it is very informative about the topic. It’s a good start for those who are interested in online publishing. It gives history and analytical view to the topic and covers pretty much the basics of the subject and the technological issues that relate to it.

When I picked this up I wasn’t interested in online publishing but now that i’ve read it I am greatly informed about the topic. There was a part in this book that talks about Blogging which was enlightening.

The draw back was the repetition of some information: like how coding works and what purpose links serve on a web page.

Overall, it was a very informative book and I enjoyed the time I spent reading it…


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