Review: Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Book: Nowhere But Here

Series: Book 1 of Thunder Road series

Author: Katie McGarry

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance

My Rating: 4leaves

Full Review:

This is my surprise book for sure..

Nowhere but here has gripped my attention from the first chapter I’ve read. The flow of the story was really engaging without too much details. It is told from two POVs, Oz and Emily. It is my kind of thing 🙂

I did not expect to be this much in love with this book when I started it but when it begins with a grandmother fakes her own funeral to see her granddaughter, I’ve already passed the hooked up phase. The dual POVs weren’t lengthy that is why I felt entertained. I was not taking in too much details in the beginning which is always appreciated. But by the end, secrets of pasts begin to unravel and you better hold on for the ride, literally and figuratively.

I loved the romance between Oz and Emily. It wasn’t insta-love and as the story went on I got to understand that these two were very similar and needed the same thing, to live their lives. And it’s like they recognized this need in each other.

The end was really good even though it dragged a bit. Overall, it was a really good book. Go get it!


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