Review: Snow Like Ashes By Sara Raasch

Book: Snow Like Ashes

Series: Book 1 of Snow Like Ashes series

Author: Sara Raasch (Debut release)

Genre: Fiction, YA Fantasy, High Fantasy, Sci-fi: Dystopia.

Cover Rating: 3leaves

Book Rating: 4leaves

Full Review: (Does contain spoilers, sorry)

I’ve been putting this book off for a long time.. I saw it a lot on my GR timeline and I wasn’t paying attention to what is being said about it, needless to say I picked this up without much expectations.

Meira is an orphan girl living with what’s left of the Winter kingdom population. Eight people. She is trained with is this small group led by William to get their kingdom back. Her sparring partner is future Winter king, Mather. He must be protected by all costs so when their reign over Winter is returned he’ll rule it. However, Meira started getting nightmares that tell her some things about her kingdom. Are these nightmares normal and what’s behind them?

I enjoyed the time I read this. There’s definitely things happening and action and jumping on roofs and arranged marriages with princes. And I really enjoyed all of it. I mean Meira’s stubbornness was understood the way she was sided the whole time the rest of the group went out on missions. Then after she proved herself they decided to arrange her marriage as a trade for Angra’s help/loyalty. And who does this none other than Mather, the guy she’s been fantasizing about and she knew he cared for her.

The romance was decent. I excepted the other love interest, Theron, to be some kind of bad boy since Mather was written to be very aloof and mysterious. But he was actually another good guy but he’s angst-free unlike Mather.  I enjoyed this part as well despite feeling like it developed faster than it normally would.

Overall, good story with interesting characters and world building. The end surprised me when Meira and her group managed to get Winter back with Theron’s help. But I’m interested now in Angra’s return. I think the next book can go either way for me..


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