Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas


Caution: this review will have spoilers.

I fantasized about this book being something out of this world since I finished Heir of Fire. I had such a huge bubble of expectations formed that by the time I got the book I was scared to read it since I had this “fear” that it would not be as good. Then I read somewhere about a certain pair’s demise. And I got discouraged. Now that I finished it I must confess the bitter taste of that is still marring the experience. Not going into details about this.
Coming to the story. in the first part, Aelin manages to kill the kingand by the second she manages to get her kingdom back and free the fae. I was happy about all of it. But this monster of a book did drag in a lot of places. There were other POVs that I did not really care about. This is the first time I have an interest in Manon’s story now that she crossed paths with Aelin. The upcoming book should be interesting for that reason alone. Not that I’m holding my breath for it anymore. *sigh*

About the Rowan/Aelin situation, I didn’t mind them in HoF but what struck me was how Aelin is thinking exactly the same things when she fell for Chaol. Aelin kept insisting that she is a changed person but I don’t see it. Maybe she is little bit less reckless and more grounded I suppose. Her and Rowan are good and I did not mind them happening but at least in a more believable nature than what happened in this book.

Overall, I think my fondness for this series has reached a point where it would not keep going unfortunately. Well, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

P.S.: Anyone who wants this book in HC message me & I resell it for you 🙂 I’m serious.. even though I live outside US and shipping would be hella expensive..

Rating: 3leaves


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