Goodreads Feature – My Year in Books {2015}


If you are a GoodReads frequent user then you have probably heard about their new feature called (My Year in Books) which is like their statistics page but more visually appealing and … wait for it … sharable!

Yes! You can share your Year in Books feature for your friends to see and like. All you have to do to see them is click on the announcement in the top of the main page titled ( See Your Year in Books )


Here are results so far. And as you can see my total is close to 300 books this year.. This is the highest number of books I’ve read since joining GR in late 2010. That is because I had a lot of free time. Also, I’ve been joining a lot of challenges and I was feeling a bit competitive :).


Also, this feature shows the longest vs. shortest book you’ve read. This feature is also available on their stats page. It’s a good way to gloat about you finally finishing a monster book ^_^


Which popular book you’re read so far? and which is the less popular? Mine was HP Book 7 and my least popular is an Arabic psychology book about narcissistic characters. Psychology was a temporary obsession in 2015.

Underneath, you can see your average rating in 2015. Mine is 3.3 which makes me think I did have quite a few favorites in these 289 books.


The feature before last is this highest rated book you’ve read in 2015. I was not expecting QoS to be honest. I guess it is because of the hype and all the news about this series that came out this year.

The last is just a show of all the books you’ve read in 2015 and only those which you gave 5 star ratings will have bigger covers like this:


Personally, I loved this feature and how we can share our years in reading between our GR friends. It’s at the core of this social networking site. However, I hoped for more stats like percentages of increase in books compared to previous years. How are you doing followers-wise and how much engagement rate you get. Kind of like what Twitter Analytics provides. I’d love to see that kind of stats on GR. What about you? How was you Year in Books?


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