ARC Review: Henchgirl by Rita Stradling

27181052Title: Henchgirl

Series: Dakota Kekoa #1

Author: Rita Stradling

Expected Release: January 12th, 2016

ARC source: Netgalley


The last thing that I expected to say about this book is good. The synopsis gives the feel of “been there, read that” and I did not expect much.

However, when I started reading I was slowly getting invested in Dakota’s life. The writer instantly introduces her vulnerability. She is a sixteen year old in huge debt and with an overbearing mom. That what intrigued me to this character and kept me reading.

The Story

The story revolves around Dakota’s undercover mission to uncover the murderer of her father. Soon, Dakota’s friend Hanoua, whom she met on her mission, disappears leading to questions whether the person she suspects of killing her father is the one behind Hanoua’s kidnapping. Also, the story introduces the mythical part of the dragon world. Especially the bloody world of dracons, the children of dragons from human women. Dakota finds herself under a lot of pressure to change who she is and what she wants.

The writing was pretty easy to follow. It reminded me of Richelle Mead‘s writing style in which she conveys the vulnerable side of her characters so well. The plot might be hard to follow at first but it all makes sense toward the end. There’s also plenty of different characters especially those on the side of “the dragon/dracon clan”. Even though there were so many of them I felt each is unique with how they relate to Dakota’s life.

The Romance

It was good at first and I expected more from the character of Wyvern, in terms of more relatable backstory. But we got only few glimpses of his life. His relationship with Dakota took a really quick turn and needs to be more explored, which I think, judging by the ending, would be front and center in Book 2 of the series. Personally, by the end of this book, I did not feel as strongly about Wyvern as I first thought. He’s become seriously overbearing no matter how Stradling wrote him so sweet and caring. I don’t doubt the effect he had on Dakota’s life and how she deserves to be loved. But I don’t know, he’s become a turn off for me but I hope he changes in Book 2.

The End

The end was really satisfying for me. It leaves the door open for more stuff and I hope Dakota keeps doing what she is doing because she is awesome at it.

Final Rating:



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