Review: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes


This is a review of:

Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes.

Book 4 of Falling Kingdoms high fantasy series.

Released on 15th December 2015.

Rating: ★★★★★

===== Review =====

Frozen Tides picks up where Gathering Darkness left off. Magnus and Cleo in Limeros and Magnus taking over. Jonas trying to find what happened to Cleo and Lucia off somewhere with the fire monster (that’s what I choose to call him, it’s more fitting)

The first half’s pace was quiet peaceful and if you read the previous books in this series you’d know what I mean. The second half though, that’s packed with things I never expected. I mean every chapter ended with a bang.

What I loved mostly about this book is how I felt Lucia and Jonas beginning to matter. I am starting to take them seriously. At first, they didn’t matter to me especially Jonas. Now I think of them as more capable & relevant. Which is a long-awaited moment in my history with this series.

Coming to the plot, I kind of expected epic war of the worlds in this but when I ended this I knew it is kind of too soon for that. I mean the betrayals and losses never end and are more fun. As I said before the plot grew more intense by the second half. I can’t go into details but I am happy with how things ended and I imagine Book 5 is where things get really nasty.

Character development is as present as ever in this series, for the main core four characters and also for other secondary characters. Jonas and Lucia had their wonderful moments of internal struggles and they came out of that. I haven’t been able to really connect with Jonas, in particular, after Book 1 even when his father and brother were killed. After that, he was only scheming and nothing was revealed about him in regards to his family. I don’t know if this is intentional by the author, if not then we need more info about Jonas. Felix, had his own development, even though it was gruesome. I hope he learned his lesson really this time.

We had such an interesting huge reveal about Gaius that left me stunned as well as Cleo was. I was like:


It is such a game-changing curve ball right there. I don’t know what this will mean for her. That’s why I NEED BOOK 5


As for my favorite pair, they tortured me so much in the beginning I was groaning in frustration. Magnus got his fair share of shocks that changed him as well as Cleo. But they managed to come on top of them all. And they really do work together amazingly *sighs dreamily*. I am extremely happy with how things turned out for both of them.

At the end, Mrogan Rhodes does not disappoint AT ALL with delivering amazing and breath-taking (literally) books. I want someone to wipe my memory so I can go back to reading and falling for this book all over again. My only tiny complaint was about the prose. since I am such a dedicated fan to this series and read them like hundred times already, I could not help but find some repetitions from previous books in the series. It makes this feels generic to me rather than genuine. It was only a few examples but it is there. I wish I could give an example but it’d be spoiler-y. Other than this, BRILLIANT sequel.

Now that I finish this I feel rejuvenated somehow. *do not think about the year-long wait* damn it!


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