Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

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 This is a review of:

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Book 4 of The Iron Fey series a YA Fantasy series.

Released on 26th October 2011.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

===== Review =====

I finally finished this series *phew* I really wanted it to be over and done.

Be careful; major spoilers ahead..

I am glad this was told from Ash’s POV. I enjoyed it more than Meghan’s and I felt it gave the series a new perspective. I also liked the dynamic between Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, Wolf and Ariella. This is the only thing I liked about this last book.

The conflict for Ash was interesting and I expected something really epic with these trials but I was disappointed. The writer kept hyping this journey up but I didn’t feel like it’s that “horrific” as to no one has ever survived it. I also felt like the human trials were not an enough indication to him becoming human.

The part about Ariella sacrificing herself for Ash also bothered me. She should not think that her life matters less than his or anybody’s.

Overall verdict, there were enjoyable moments and there were not so enjoyable moments. Either way, it’s time me and this series part ways.

Final Verdict:

This is where the series ends for me.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

  1. A well-written review! I stopped reading that series after the second book; I felt myself getting bored with the story early on. It’s one of the few times I’ve managed to quit a series I knew I didn’t enjoy–and based on what I’m reading here, I’m glad I gave the series up.

    A shame, too, because the first book started so promisingly.

    1. I actually ended up buying the box set that’s why I kept up.. The first book was good that’s why some stories should be just standalones and that’s it.

      Anyways, good decision on your part 🙂

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