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Review: Paperglass by A.R. Ivanovich

28227498This is a review of:

Paperglass by A.R. Ivanovich

Book 2 of War of the Princes

a young adult dystopia series

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Surviving a narrow brush with death convinced Katelyn Kestrel that she must never return to the war-torn Outside World. Safe again within the sanctuary of Haven Valley, she has forced herself to forget Rune Thayer, the young Dragoon soldier who had sacrificed everything to save her.

Katelyn’s struggle to adapt to a peaceful life is undone when she is assaulted by a classmate, triggering her powers with devastating consequences. The authorities learn of her rare Abilities, and a web of troubling mysteries unravels around her. She finds that an unfortunate twist of fate has delivered Haven prisoners to the Prince of Shadows, and he will stop at nothing to discover the valley’s secret location. Katelyn must find and rescue the captives or witness the destruction of everything she has ever loved.

Paperglass picks up a year after Haven, after Katelyn managed to escape her capture and returned to Haven Valley. But the thoughts of Rune are still haunting her. Will she meet him again?

Soon in the story, Katelyn is forced, because of her ability, to join a mission to bring back some Haven soldiers who have gone missing. Kyle and Sterling also go with her. They get captured again by Lord Brendon, Dylan’s brother, who tells Katelyn that her mom is a live and is called Paperglass. But she has to take Dylan, who is in prison, with her to look for her brother. Dylan has tried to kill Katelyn in Haven and much to her dismay, she accepts.

I find this sequel more interesting in terms of plot. It moved from point to point all the way until the last chapter. Especially during Katelyn and Dylan’s pretense to be Historians. I was very interested in that weird place they were in. Rune, the doomed dragoon and love interest, did not appear until halfway through but what an appearance he made trying to kill Katelyn thinking that she betrayed him *tsktsk*.

The reveal of who is Paperglass was rather unexpected. Katelyn thought it was her mom but it turns out it was one of the four soldiers who were captured. But the flashbacks to Katelyn’s mom told too much about the Kestrel family’s dilemma. I wonder would Katelyn ever meet her mom?!

The characters were no different than in Book 1, except there was more Kyle and other characters as well especially woman, which was a minus point in my review for Haven. Personally, Katelyn seemed a bit tougher in Haven than she did in this one. Now, she is more Mary Sue-like. Dylan still is more rounded than everyone else. Rune is just Rune but I liked how he finally got the happiness he deserves. Kyle is such a sweet guy.

Overall, I think the plot in this was more interesting than the first but the characters and scenes need more build up.


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