Review: Red Hot Steele by Alex P. Berg

23569242This is a review of:

Red Hot Steele by Alex P. Berg

an adult urban fantasy/crime and mystery

Rating: ★★★★☆

Available for free on: Amazon | Kobo | B&N | iTunes


Detective Jake Daggers likes his murder investigations the way he likes his women–straightforward, easy, and with a killer body.

So when his older-than-dust partner throws his back out on a goblin raid, his captain assigns him a new running mate–a sexy young half-elf by the name of Shay Steele.

It seems like a match made in Daggers’ imagination, but Steele’s no pushover. She’s a powerful forensic psychic, and she’s got sass oozing out of her boots.

In a debut case teeming with fire mages, foundries, and a dead guy who’s crispier than bacon, it’s pretty clear Daggers isn’t the only one getting a heaping helping of RED HOT STEELE.

At first, I was going to give this book a 3.5 rating but then I slept on this and when I woke up I thought I still liked it quite a lot, so 4 solid stars..

Red Hot Steele is a mystery crime thriller centered around two detectives, Daggers, the old detective, and Steele, his new partner after his old partner quit the job. Tension happens at first but Det. Steele proves herself a tough cookie in a man’s profession. She impresses Daggers who is not easily impressed by anyone. The two tackle the murder of Reginald, a con artist who was soon to marry a rich man’s daughter. The two try to find out who killed him especially with the help of Det. Steele’s psychic ability, since she is half fae and all that.

I am a huge fan of crime tv and books in general and this was a great novel because it managed to get personal with the characters as well as provide a great mystery. It’s a rare thing in book’s world, I mean the thriller and crime genre. I loved how the relationship between Steele and Daggers progressed from “I don’t trust you” to at least acknowledging her as a good detective, which he doesn’t do often. I also loved the little glimpses of each other they managed to sense and that indicates how good they are at observing and deduction.

There was a twist at the end that I really loved because it managed to reveal another layer of Det. Steele and also bring her down a bit to Dagger’s level. Not that she wasn’t awesome but it gives her equal grounds.


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